1.How many people are in the group? What kind of tour are we going to do? Where are we going? What should I wear? Where is the meeting point? At what time? What should I take with me?

You can find all these detailed answers in the single tour-experience section.

2. Is it dangerous?

Mountain biking can be dangerous and it depends on the kind of activity you are going to do. Remember to take your time and go slow but most of all NEVER overestimate your ability.

3. Is bike pass included?

It depends on the activity you are going to do. For some of them it is included, for others is not foreseen. Please, check in tour-experience section for further information.






1. What happens when a rental bike is damaged during the rental period?

Although not necessarily your fault, you are liable for all damage that occurs to the rented bike, except damage caused by natural wear. Treat your rentalbike as if it is yours

2. How can I extend the 24 hrs rental period?

Just contact us and ask if you can keep it and extend the rental for a longer time. Maybe it has been already booked by other people for the following time!

3. Do you give a reduction on large groups or for longterm rentals?

Yes, we do. Groups off 8 persons get a 10% reduction when they pay all together. For longer periods we offer special rates: longterm renters get a better rate.

4. What if a bike gets stolen?

When your rentalbike gets stolen, you are liable for the theft and damage and so you must pay for it. Then you have to report it to the authorities such as police department or local police.

5. Are there any special traffic rules I need to know?

YES! Italian traffic laws also apply to you when you are riding a rental bike. You have to follow road traffic rules while riding on streets and roads and Dolomiti Paganella Bike regulation while riding on trails and bike park areas. Stick to the rules and in any case apply the rule of common sense and “good family man behaviour”..

6. Are rented bicycles insured against theft and damage?

No, when you rent a bicycle you are responsible for possible damages and theft. The risk of theft is small when you use the locks the way we will instruct you. Considering damages you can take out KASCO insurance buying off this risk.  

7. How does Kasco insurance works?

You have to ask for it at the withdrawal and payment of your mtb. We suggest you to do it because with a small additional cost (it depends on the type of bike you rent) this insurance compensate for any damage except theft. In case of accidental damage the only relief is applied.

8. What kind of document do I need to rent a bike?

You need a valid document such as your ID or passport and an adult (18 years old) has to be with you if you are younger.

9. May I have a seat passenger on my bike?

No, except for bike provided with a baby seat.

10. Shall I wear an helmet?

It depends on the type of excursion: for easy excursions you do not need it but we strictly recommend you to wear it. That’s why we normally give it for free. For gravity and trail experiences it is compulsory together with other protection (revenue service).

11. Do you provide tour information and maps?

Yes, we DO! We offer you all information you need to use your rental bike at its best. In addition we provide you with maps and detailed information about trails and excursions.

12. Where can I park my mtb?

The great thing about riding is that you can park your bike it wherever you are. It would be better to put it on a bike rack or shed or at least to lean it against something. We kindly ask you to pay attention to the place you park it and the way you do it. And if you park it out of your sight, we strictly recommend you to lock it (you can rent also a bike lock).

13. What happens if the bike has a flat tyre or serious breakdown?

If you have a kasco insurance the tyre repair is free otherwise you have to pay for it. We also remind you NOT to use your mtb with flat tyre in order not to damage the bike rim. This kind of damage is not covered by insurance because it is considered to be intentionally. We also remind you we can provide you with a pairkit and airpump on request. If you know how to fix a flat you can continue your trip. If you are far away and don’t know how to get back, just contact us and we will try to organize your pick up and assistance on the spot (revenue service).

14. Do you rent ladiesbikes only?

Not specifically. We provide bicycles with unisex frame. We do provide different sizes so to meet everyone’s needs.

15. Is it safe to ride a bike with a child in a seat?

When you are an experienced rider, it is not dangereous to ride with a child. Always take your time and obey the rules. Never leave a child unattended in a childseat on the bike.

16. Is it better to do a reservation?

Yes, we suggest you to book on line. With just a few clicks you will get and book the bike you want.

17. Is there a possibility to drop off the rentalbikes at another location (rental point)?

Yes, it is possible by paying. Just remember you have to withdraw your document at the rental point you took the bike. In any case we do organize delivery / pick up service with our van in different locations (paid service).

18. Do you organize guided tours?

Yes, we do organize guided tours with DPB Academy instructors, excursions, private lessons and many other different activities. Please, visit section TOURS for further information.

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